23 Treasured Gifts for Indiana Jones fans

If you have an Indiana Jones fan in your life, then this list of 23 gifts for Indiana Jones fans will make shopping WAY easier for you. These Indiana Jones gift ideas will whip up smiles for the Indy fan in your life.

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21 Treasured Indiana Jones Gift Ideas for Indy Fans (updated to 23 gift ideas)

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23 Treasured Gifts for Indiana Jones Fans

If you’re asking yourself, “What do I get an Indiana Jones fan?” then these 23 gift ideas will help.

1) Indiana Jones “Lao Che Air Freight” Men’s T-shirt

The casual observer may not know this is an Indiana Jones at all!

But an Indy fan will know it’s a nod to the “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.”

2) Mola Ram’s Kali Ma Bar & Grill Shirt

I want this shirt! Here is another one that only an Indy fan would even know this is an Indiana Jones shirt.

3) Indiana Jones 4-Film Blu-ray Collection

The glory of the 4 Indiana Jones films in high definition. Because you never know when they’ll be taken off a streaming service.

4) The Making of Indiana Jones book

Indy fans will appreciate learning how they brought the action icon to the big screen in this informative book.

5) Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide book

This is a great gift for an Indiana Jones fan that wants to know everything about the iconic adventurer.

6) The Holy Grail replica

“You must choose…but choose wisely,” said the Grail Knight in “Indiana Jones and the Last Cruade.”

  • you’ll have chosen wisely if you buy this Holy Grail replica for the Indy fan in your life

7) Raiders of the Lost Ark – Ambush in Cairo Lego set

I used a Lego set like this to help introduce my kids to the adventurous world of Indiana Jones.

8) The Grail Diary Journal

This journal will allow the Indy fan in your life to keep meticulous details of their research or adventures

  • intended to be like Indy’s dad’s “Grail Diary” from The Last Crusade movie
  • “I wrote it down so I wouldn’t have to remember!”

9) Raiders of the Lost Ark Collectable Figurines

These were a Disney Parks exclusive play set, and now this seller has some for sale on Amazon.

10) Fertility Idol Desktop Statue

Now the Indiana Jones fan in your life can start their own collection of treasured items. This is a 7″-tall replica of the “Fertility Idol” featured in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” movie.

11) Indiana Jones Vinyl Clock Art (Etsy)

Gifts for Indiana Jones Fans - vinyl clock art on Etsy.  Indiana Jones Gift ideas
Click to see details on Etsy. Photo credit: LydiaKopylova on Etsy

How cool is this! I’ve never seen anything like this before. So unique.

12) Staff of RA Replica (3D Printed. On Etsy)

Gifts for Indiana Jones fans - Indiana jones gift ideas - 3D printed replica of the staff of RA
Click to see reviews on Etsy. Photo credit: SteamPrinters on Etsy

With this Staff of Ra replica your Indy fan will have an awesome treasure to display on their desk or shelf.

It is available on Etsy. Click here to see reviews.

13) Raiders of the Lost Ark movie poster

The movie that started the franchise and made “Indiana Jones” a household name.

  • 24″ x 36″ unframed movie poster
  • will look great on the wall of your Indy fan

14) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom movie poster

Nice addition to the movie room of any Indy fan.

  • unframed movie poster
  • 27″ x 40″

15) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade movie poster

A classic movie poster for one of the best father-son character movies of all time.

  • this one is also 27″ x 40″ and unframed

16) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie poster

This 2008 Indiana Jones movie may not have been as popular as the first three Indy films, but this poster still features great artwork.

  • 24″ x 36″ glossy finish movie poster

17) Raiders of the Lost Ark – Metal Pub Sign

Here is a metal “pub” sign (8″x12″) that your Indy fan can hang on the walls of their movie room.

18) Indiana Jones Whip (costume piece)

When you think of Indiana Jones you think of the hat and the whip. This is Indiana Jones whip replica (costume whip) from Rubies that is available on Amazon.

Want a real Indiana Jones Whip?

If you want the real deal – a “real” Indiana Jones whip, check out the David Morgan website. They claim that their 10-ft long braided leather whip was the main whip worn in the movies, with some whips of varied length used for different stunts.

19) The Complete Adventurer’s Guide – An Indiana Jones Handbook

I have this in my collection. It’s a fun little book explaining how Indiana Jones would handle certain adventurous situations.

20) Indiana Jones Comic Collection – Further Adventures Volume 2

This omnibus collection of Indiana Jones comics contains 12 comics from the 80’s along with “The Temple of Doom” comic.

21) Raiders of the Lost Ark T-shirt (Etsy)

Indiana Jones gift ideas - gifts for INdiana Jones fans - Raiders of the lost ark t shirt
Click to see details on Etsy. Photo credit: mviesx on Etsy

Classic t-shirt of the Indiana Jones in your life. You can get it in women’s fit or unisex.

Click here to read reviews on Etsy. (open in a new window)

22) Indiana Jones Socks

I really like the look of these Indiana Jones socks. They are available on Amazon. These will make a great, unique Indiana Jones gift.

23) Indiana Jones Blanket – Grail Knight from the Last Crusade Blanket

This Indiana Jones blanket looks awesome. It is a micro fleece blanket that you can get in three sizes including a large 80-inch by 60-inch blanket. Great for movie night watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

I hope you’ve found some great Indiana Jones gift ideas for the adventure-loving Indy fan in your life!

Which of these ideas will be treasured by your Indy fan?

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