21 Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls [2020]

It can be tricky finding good presents for a teen girl. In this article we’ll show you a concise list of 21 Christmas gift ideas for teenage girls for this Christmas 2020.

21 Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls (includes ideas seen on TikTok and gift ideas popular with teen YouTubers)
Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls 2020

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21 Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

Below you’ll find a concise list of Christmas gift ideas for teenage girls. We’ve included some links to Amazon or other retailers to make it easy to find more details.

1) LED Curtain Lights for their room

These LED curtain lights are dimmable and you put behind any sheer curtains to enhance the look of their bedroom.

2) Lulu Lemon Leggings

Christmas is a good time to get them for the teen girl on your list. Click here to check out the available sizes on Amazon.

Click here to check out a popular alternative Woman’s Yoga Leggings

3) Galaxy Sky Light Projector by BlissLights

These LED galaxy light projectors were popular on TikTok and chances are good your teen girl will appreciate this.

4) Fashionable Blue Light Glasses

With so many teens doing their schoolwork or homework on computer screens, some blue light glasses may help reduce eye irritation. This is a 3-pack that is available on Amazon, and you can buy it them in different colors too.

5) Fuzzy Socks

Fuzzy socks are always a welcome Christmas gift, and they make an excellent stocking stuffer. Here is a 6-pack of popular fuzzy socks available on Amazon.

6) Ugg Fluff Yeah Slide Slippers

Fluff Yeah they want some Ugg slippers. Click here to check out the tons of different colors available.

7) Skincare Fridge

Yes these are real and a lot of teen girls want them. You can use them to refrigerate skincare products, and also use them to keep drinks cold. Plus, it has a warming feature. (Not sure what you’d use that for…but it’s there.)

8) Yeti Tumbler (very useful Christmas gift idea for teenage girls)

Whether the teen on your list likes hot tea or cold water, the Yeti tumbler will help keep it at the desired temperature. This is the 20-ounce size. (There are some die-hard Yeti fans out there.)

9) Hydro Flask Water Bottle with wide mouthed straw

Great way for teens to drink more water and stay hydrated.

10) Candles from ‘Bath and Bodyworks’

Teen girls are loving these candles from ‘Bath and Bodyworks’. Here is the “Relax” candle featuring lavender and cedarwood.

If you prefer to get her a Gift Card, here is a link to Gift Cards on Bath & Body Works website.

11) Essie Nail Polish

Essie is a really popular nail polish brand on Amazon. And it makes a great stocking stuffer.

12) Acrylic Nail Art Set

If the teen girl on your shopping list loves doing her nails, then you should check out an acrylic nails set like this one. She’ll be able to do some crazy nail art at home. (And way cheaper vs going to a salon.)

** check out these Gift Ideas for your Nail Crazy friend **

13) Gift Card to ‘Brandy Melville’

Does the teen girl on your Christmas list love the clothes at Brandy Melville? Here is a link to the Brandy Melville website where you can buy e-gift cards.

14) Pacsun Jeans

Check out these Light Mom Jeans with 90’s look.

The Pacsun store on Amazon has lots of other styles of Jeans too. If you don’t think they’ll like the mom jeans, click here to see their other styles.

15) One Question A Day Journal by Aimee Chase

A five-year journal where the teen girl on your Christmas shopping list journals her answer to one question a day. This would be great to look back on years later. This is a great stocking stuffer idea for teen girls.

16) Doc Martens Boots

These 1460W Originals Lace-up boots are shown in Black Nappa color but you can also get them in Cherry Red. This company has been around for decades and is still going strong.

17) Biker Compression Shorts

Ladies are wearing biker compression shorts to achieve a variety of styles. They are comfortable and wanted on teen girl’s Christmas lists.

18) Initials Necklace

You can buy these necklaces with the first initial of the girl’s name. It shows “J” in the picture above but you can get any letter from A-Z. (Great Stocking Stuffer idea.)

19) Chunky Gold Hoop Earrings

Chunky gold earrings are in this year and they go well with a variety of looks. Here is a popular set you can pick up on Amazon. (Great Stocking Stuffer idea.)

20) Apple AirPods Pro

This is a more expensive Christmas gift, but the Apple AirPods Pro make a great “main” Christmas gift for teen girls that have iPhones. They can wear them while exercising, watching TikTok or cleaning their room (LOL).

21) The COMFY – Oversized wearable blanket

The name says it all – COMFY. It’s an oversized wearable blanket that’ll help keep your teen girl warm and cozy this winter.

I hope you found some inspiring Christmas gift ideas for teen girls on this list.

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