21 Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Men [for 2021]

Check out these 21 stocking stuffers for men if you need to fill a stocking for a man this Christmas. Obviously your choices of what you put into the stocking will depend on whether it’s for your dad, your husband, your boyfriend, grandpa or your adult sons.

But this concise list has 21 stocking stuffers that are sure to make him smile.

21 Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Men

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21 Stocking Stuffers for Men

I’ve tried to keep the products relatively small in size and in price…but some are more costly than others. And make sure to scroll right to the bottom to make sure you don’t miss the one stocking stuffer that could make his entire Christmas day.


Socks are great stocking stuffers. They’ll be well-used and appreciated. You can get him some sports socks (like the ones above from Under Armour) or you can get him fun novelty socks, or even a pair of custom socks with your face on it!

Below are customized photo socks from MiraGiftsWorld on Etsy. You send them a good photo and they’ll put it on some socks for you. And you can get the socks in different colors. Very cool personalized gift.

Stocking stuffers for men - custom photo stocks
Photo credit: MiraGiftsWorld on Etsy.com (click the photo for more details)


Slippers are a great and useful stocking stuffer for men. I usually get a new pair in my stocking every couple of years.

The ones shown in the picture do not have a heel – they’re slip on. (Easy on and easy off which can be good, but not so good if the man on your list has mobility issues.)

Dr Bronner’s Gift Set (soaps and lotion)

This soap and lotion gift set from Dr. Bronner’s is scented with organic peppermint.

Not only will your man look and feel great, but you can feel great knowing that when you buy Dr. Bronner’s you are supporting the Regenerative Organic Certified movement.


A “good smelling” fragrance is very subjective. So if you know the deodorant your man likes, then slip one of those into his Christmas stocking.

Deodorants – like the Old Spice kind shown above – do not prevent you from sweating, so these ones do NOT have aluminum in them. They cover up the stinky sweaty smell with the fragrance of the deodorant. (Unlike anti-perspirants which try to block you from sweating [a natural phenomena to help cool you]. )

Beard Apron Shaving Accessories Kit

This beard apron suction cups to the mirror and catches his hair clippings: less hair on and around the sink. (WIN-WIN. Great gift for him and less mess for you to look at.)

This kit comes with the apron, 2 suction cups, a small pair of trimming scissors, a beard comb and a little carrying case.

Lottery Scratch Tickets

If you have them in your area, lottery scratch tickets can be a fun little gift.

And who knows, maybe your little stocking stuffer gift will be a big winner?

Cup featuring his favorite sports team, movie or band

Get the man on your Christmas list a tumbler from the company Tervis.

They’re a made in the USA company.

  • don’t worry, if he doesn’t like the Pittsburgh Steelers there are a lot of other options on Amazon

Yeti Rambler (well-insulated coffee mug)

Yeti has made a big name for itself in the world of insulated coolers and cups. If your man is a coffee or tea drinker, check out the popular Yeti Rambler.

Graphic T-shirts are a great stocking stuffer for men

Here is shirt that the man in your life will appreciate (and not be embarrassed to wear out unlike some other funny shirts).

  • my kids get me a graphic t-shirt every year and I love them
  • I consider them a can’t go wrong gift

New Pajama Pants

It’s always nice to get a new pair of pajama pants for Christmas.

You can find good pajama pants at most local retailers. But if you can’t in your area, here are a popular pair of plaid microfleece pajama pants available on Amazon.

Sneaker Balls (SOF Sole)

If the man in your life likes to workout – or just simply has stinky feet – get him these small deodorizing shoe balls.

Leatherman Rebar Multi-Tool

This is one of the best and most useful gifts I have ever received for Christmas.

I always have it in my pocket and it has come in handy SO many times. (Like picking up garbage at the playground using the pliers.)

If you want to get the man in your life a really useful gift, go for one of these. (There are more expensive Leatherman’s…but I’m happy with my Rebar. It sin’t a cheap gift, but it is awesome.)

“Wallet Ninja” card-sized multi-tool

This little card-sized multi tool is pretty cool. It claims it has 18 tools on it.

If you want to see what tools it has on it, click here to see it on Amazon.

Keychain Multi-tool

While we got a bit of a multi-tool thing going on here…check out this keychain multi-tool. Most of us carry keys around, and with this gadget, we could all have some tools right on our key ring!

Leather Driving Gloves (for Winter)

Leather driving gloves that are lined for cold weather are a great stocking stuffer for men.

You’ll likely find them at your local stores, but if you want to check out this popular pair on Amazon, here is a link.

AirPods Protective Silicone Case

Airpods are expensive…and a protective case like this is like an insurance policy for them.

Survival Kit (13-in-1 Kit)

The man in your life doesn’t have to be Rambo or ‘Backwoods Bill’ to appreciate a survival kit like this. Tell him to learn how to use the items and then toss it into his briefcase or into his vehicle (for emergencies).

If he is forced to need it, then it could be the most important gift he ever receives.

Universal Socket Tool

This looks so cool. I’ve seen its ad on YouTube so much that I want one now!

The man on your Christmas list doesn’t need to be ‘Tool Man Tom’ or ‘Mechanic Mike’ to appreciate this tool. In fact, it is probably best for the “average Joe” who doesn’t already have an exhaustive tool kit.

Magnetic Wristband for DIY’ers

“Now where did I put that little screw?” You won’t hear that anymore if you get the man on your list a magnetic wristband for DIY jobs.

Beef Jerky

Beef jerky can be a great stocking stuffer for the meat-loving men on your Christmas list. And a good low-carb snack on Christmas day.

Chocolate or Candy

What is his favorite kind of chocolate or candy?

Chocolate or candy always make a great stocking stuffer for men.

Did you find some good ideas for stocking stuffers for the men on your Christmas list?

Which idea inspired you?

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