17 Great Stocking Stuffers for Kids [for 2021]

Here is a concise list of stocking stuffers for kids for Christmas in 2021. I have tried to select low-priced items and ones that are generally small in size. (For instance, even though AirPods are small, you won’t find them on this list because of their cost.) Which of these stocking stuffer ideas will work for you?

17 Great Stocking Stuffers for Kids 2020
Stocking Stuffers for Kids

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17 Stocking Stuffers for Kids 2021 🎅

These stocking stuffers for kids will appeal to a variety of ages, and even though the exact item may not intrigue your child, think of something in the category that will work.


What’s their favorite? (It is Christmas after all!) Candy is a classic stocking stuffer.


There are a lot of yummy Christmas chocolates out there…for a special treat.

  • And chocolate is another classic stocking stuffer.


Socks are a great stocking stuffer! Very useful (and they help take up room in the stocking).

Knitted Hat

If your Christmases are usually white Christmases then a warm knitted hat like this one shown is a thoughtful – and cute – stocking stuffer.


Warm mittens (like this well-rated pair by N’Ice Caps) are a good addition to the knitted hat. Then after present-opening the kids can go outside and play in the snow.

  • these mittens are available in lots of different COLORS
  • also available in different SIZES for different ages of kids

Water Wow books by Melissa & Doug (Ages 3-7)

These awesome activity books allow your little kids to “paint” and color in pictures in the book just by using water.

  • No big messes.
  • lots of fun
  • resusable…just let it dry and start over
  • we have these for our daughter and they’re good for road trips (just a little water in the car)

Books (age dependent selection)

What books does your child enjoy?

Books are a great stocking stuffer, and they give the children something to do during long winter evenings.

In the photo above I’ve shown the Harry Potter 7-book box set. I loved the Harry Potter series, but I read it as an adult. If you’re wondering what age are Harry Potter books for, you can click here to see. (Opens in a new window.)

Head to your local bookstore, or favorite online book retailer and pick up some books as a stocking stuffer.

Bubble Bath or Bath Bombs

Bubble bath can be a good stocking stuffer for kids. (Especially if your child is reluctant to have baths.)

The bubble bath bombs shown above have little sea creature toys hidden inside them.

Hot Chocolate Bombs – Star Wars “The Child” surprise

Hot chocolate bombs are very popular. You can find them at most stores. I found this Star Wars one on Amazon.

(You can also buy hot chocolate bomb molds and make your own at home…good for older kids.)


Puzzles can be a fun stocking stuffer…but they have to be in fairly small packaging to fit.

The one shown above is Thomas Kincade Disney 4-pack of puzzles that is better suited for older kids (500 pieces per puzzle).

But it gets you thinking…what puzzle could I get for my kid?


The Magnatab is fun little toy – especially for young kids – but even older kids have fun making cool designs.

  • We have one and it is a great road trip accessory for kids.
  • You use the magnetic pen to pull up little magnetic balls from the pad to form a design.

Lip Balm

Winter can be a very drying time for our skin and lips. For a useful stocking stuffer, get your child some lip balm – like this cool Iron Man lip balm. There are lots of variety of lip balms out there that will appeal to both boys and girls.

Hot Wheels cars

Hot Wheels cars a good stocking stuffer for both boys and girls. There are LOTS of choices for Hot Wheels, so check them out.

Playmobil toys

Playmobil makes a variety of play sets (that can get quite pricey), but they also have some smaller, individually packaged toys that make good stocking stuffers.


You can find stickers at most dollar stores. But if you don’t have one in your area, you can click here to check out this large sticker set on Amazon. Kids love to decorate their things (and yours) with stickers and to create art with stickers.

Mini Nutella jars (at Target)

Check your local Target store to see if they have these little Nutella holiday jars. Click here then select your store to see if they have it in stock. (Opens in a new window.)

Mandarin Oranges (to plug up the bottom of the stocking)

Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay

When we were kids we always got mandarin oranges in our stockings (usually at the toe of the stocking).

[But back then we could only get Mandarin oranges around Christmas-time and they were special.] Still a tasty stocking stuffer to this day.

What have I missed? What is your family’s “go to” stocking stuffer for kids?

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Have a safe and happy Christmas and holidays.