15 Sporty Christmas Gift Ideas for Dads that love to Workout or Play Sports [for 2023]

Buying Christmas gifts for your dad can sometimes be tricky. What do you a buy a guy with everything? Well this article helps you by providing 15 Christmas gift ideas for dad that involve sports or working out.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dads that Love sports or working out
15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Dads that love working out

It is good to buy local when possible, but for your convenience we have provided some online links to help you find Christmas gifts for dads. Remember if you’re going to shop online this year, you should do it early in case there are shipping delays.

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1) Stylish Under Armour Work Out Shirt

Is your dad still working out in the same t-shirt from 20 years ago? This Men’s Tech 2.0 shirt from Under Armour is quick drying (great for sweaty workouts), and is soft on the skin.

2) Running Shorts / Workout Shorts

These lightweight, stylish running shorts have large pockets with zippers. And to help make sure the shorts stay up there is an elastic waistband and drawstring. The 2-pack provides a good value.

3) Soundcore Spirit Bluetooth Earphones

It is great to listen to music or podcasts when running or working out. If your dad is still sporting clunky headphones (or a Sony Walkman!), you should check these out. (AirPods are great, but a lot more money.)

These aren’t expensive, have up to 18 hours of playtime and they’d make a great stocking stuffer.

4) Micro Fiber Fast-drying Gym Towel

A quick drying towel like this one will be great for your dad to wipe the sweat off his brow following a good workout.

5) Garmin Forerunner Multi-sport Watch

These can be a bit costly, but if your dad had one, would he get in more steps each day? Would it help him improve his fitness?

If price is a concern, there are other fitness watches, that your dad may like.

6) Exercise Dice

Working out at home can get a little monotonous. These ExerDice aim to change that.

  • It’ll let your dad add some spontaneity to his workouts.
  • This set has 4 cubes.
  • This unique gift has great “surprise” potential because your dad may have never seen these before.

7) Foam Roller

A foam roller will help your dad roll out some of those knots and sore muscles following exercise. You can probably find one at your local retailer, but if you can’t here is a link to this foam roller on Amazon.

8) Adjustable Weight Dumbbells

Having multiple sets of dumbbells at home can take up a lot of space. This dumbbell can adjust in small increments up to 44 pounds total. (NOTE: they sell as individual dumbbells, not sets.)

9) Spiffy new Golf Shirt from Under Armour

Your dad will look great on the golf course or in the clubhouse in a new quick-dry golf shirt like this one from Under Armour.

  • It is available in a large variety of colors

10) New Stretchy Golf Pants (Amazon Essentials brand)

Get your dad a new pair of golf pants to go along with this new golf shirt. This pair of golf pants from Amazon Essentials has some “stretch” thanks to 2% spandex.

11) Nike Metcon 5 Weightlifting Shoe

Is your dad still working out in tennis shoes from the 90’s? The Nike Metcon 5 is for weightlifting with a wide, flat heel. It is a workout shoe that also looks great.

12) New Gym Bag

Here is a cool gym bag with 10 compartments! It has room for water bottles, towels, shoes and more.

13) New Ball Cap

Whether he is trying to see the golf ball on a sunny day or catch a flyball, a stylish new ball cap will help shade his face and eyes. And look darn good while doing it. This Adidas hat has mesh fabric for ventilation and an adjustable Velcro closure at the back.

  • It is available in different colors too.

14) Jump Rope without the Rope

Now your dad can get a good cardio jump rope workout, but without getting tangled up in the rope.

15) Reflective Arm Bands

If your dad is out running or cycling, make sure he is seen. With the shorter days during winter this is especially important.

  • Get him some high-visibility, reflective arm bands.

I hope you found some Christmas Gift ideas for dad. Would your dad appreciate – and use – any of these sporty Christmas gifts?

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