11 Super Cute Inflatable Disney Christmas Decorations [for 2023]

Do your neighbors have Christmas yard displays that WOW your kids? Do you want to get some of those “wows”? If so, check out these 11 super cute inflatable Disney Christmas decorations. They inflate and bring some of that Disney magic right to your yard.

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11Cute Inflatable Disney Christmas Yard Decorations

These blow-up Disney Christmas decorations will look super cute on your yard, and it’ll make your kids smile every time they pull into your driveway.

1) Mickey wearing Flannel (3.5-feet tall)

Photo credit: Walmart.com

How cute is this little Mickey wearing flannel. His smile is contagious.

–> This blow-up Mickey is available on Walmart.com <–

2) Cute Light-up Minnie Mouse (with Lights…5 feet tall)

Here is a cute Minnie Mouse to add a splash of pink to your lawn.

3) Mickey and Minnie on Sled (lights up)

Photo credit: Walmart.com

Here is Disney’s power couple having some fun on a sled. You can have this on your yard…visit Walmart.com to check it out.

4) Big Mickey with a Little Christmas Tree (7.5-feet tall)

This is a large inflatable Mickey…it is 7.5 feet tall. This could make a great eye-catching Christmas decoration in your yard.

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5) Olaf from Frozen (5.5-foot inflatable)

Photo credit: Walmart.com

If your kids love Disney’s “Frozen” they’ll love this Olaf Christmas inflatable.

It is available on Walmart.com, but it looks like it’s a better price if you can pick up at your local Walmart. (Click to the website and then reserve it for in-store pickup.)

6) GIANT Inflatable Olaf

Here is a HUGE Olaf inflatable…it is 10.5-feet tall!

7) Jack Skellington (5.5-feet tall)

Does your family love “The Nightmare Before Christmas”?

If so, check out this blow-up Jack Skellington.

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8) Huge Mickey with Gift in Hand (almost 9-feet tall)

This is a very tall Mickey that could bring the gift of smiles to kids in your neighborhood.

9) Toy Story Character’s in Santa’s Sleigh

Do you love “Toy Story”?

In this blow-up Christmas decoration Woody, Buzz and the little alien are in Santa’s sleigh while Bullseye pulls the sleigh. (I wonder if Rudolph would be jealous?)

currently available on Amazon

10) Mickey in Ugly Christmas Sweater (3.5 feet tall)

You aren’t the only one with an ugly Christmas sweater…here is blow-up Mickey wearing his.

11) BB-8 from Star Wars wearing Santa Hat (3.5-feet tall)

Since Disney bought Lucasfilm, yes even BB-8 and the other Star Wars characters are Disney characters.

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Did you find a cool inflatable Disney Christmas decoration for your yard? I think the Mickey and Minnie on the sled is my favorite. 🙂

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Thank you very much and I hope you have a safe and happy Christmas and holidays.