25 Awesome Gifts for Your Boyfriend [in 2021]

It can be hard buying something for your boyfriend, and every man is different with different hobbies, tastes and “likes.” But in this article we’ll provide you a concise list of 25 gifts for your boyfriend and hopefully something will spark joy and make an awesome present for your man (regardless of the occasion).

25 Thoughtful gifts for your boyfriend
Gifts for your Boyfriend

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25 Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend

Here are 25 great gifts for your boyfriend. Make sure to add a little extra love by writing a cute gift tag, and a little note explaining why you think he’ll like the gift.

1) Henley Shirt (Long Sleeve)

Super comfy 3-button long-sleeve shirt from Hanes. It is popular on Amazon.

2) Flannel Shirt

Your man doesn’t have to be a lumberjack or Canadian to wear flannel – that helps – but skaters, hipsters and everyday Joes like flannel too.

3) Men’s Watch (Fossil)

A watch can be a great fashion accessory, and these watches from Fossil are really popular and have a timeless look (that’s a joke).

4) Amazon’s Echo Dot (or Google Home Mini)

It is great to yell out a song and have your device play it back to you! The Amazon Echo dot can play music from your Apple Music subscription, Amazon music subscription, Spotify and more.

And a paid subscription to one of these music services is an excellent add-on gift.

Click here to read more information on the Amazon Echo Dot (4th generation).

5) Converse Low Top Shoes

Does your boyfriend have a good pair of Chuck Taylors? These low top Chucks go well with lots of different looks, and the shoes are available in a large variety of colors.

6) Slippers (Slip on Memory Foam)

Most guys love slippers but we rarely buy them for ourselves. May not be the sexiest Christmas gift, but they’ll be appreciated.

7) New Workout Pants (Track Pants by Adidas)

Is your boyfriend still wearing raggedy old sweatpants? Check out these Adidas training pants.

8) Fitness App Subscription

With most gyms being closed due to the pandemic guys are having to workout at home. Get him something like the “Beachbody on Demand” subscription to give him lots of workouts to try including an intense boxing workout.

9) Champion Pullover Hoodie

Comfy hoodies make a great Christmas gift for your boyfriend. If your boyfriend doesn’t like branded clothes there are a lot of plain, colored hoodies out there.

10) New Sweatpants (Champion)

New fleece sweatpants would be an appreciated gift. Available in different colors, and would go great with the above Champion hoodie. You can see more details on Amazon by clicking here.

11) PlayStation or XBOX Gift Cards

Does your boyfriend play video games? If so, figure out what system he plays and buy him a gift card for that system.

12) Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If your boyfriend is a gamer, works on the computer or if he is on his phone a lot these blue light blocking glasses may help reduce eye strain. And he’ll look like Clark Kent too.

13) Gaming Keyboard for PC Gamers

Does your boyfriend play computer games? If he is still using a stock keyboard, you could get him a dedicated gaming keyboard. This Corsair K100 RGB is rated the best gaming keyboard by PC Gamer for 2020.

14) Oculus Quest 2 – Virtual Reality set

The Oculus Quest is a very cool Virtual reality experience.

  • what’s great is that it doesn’t require an expensive computer…it is self-contained VR headset
  • sounds weird but games like “Job Simulator” and “Richie’s Plank Experience” are really fun experiences

15) Wallet (Columbia)

Wallets are great gifts for boyfriends. Here is a RFID-blocking leather wallet from Columbia.

16) Apple AirPods Pro  (wireless earphones from Apple)

I got a pair of AirPods last Christmas and I use them everyday. The wireless earphones are great because you don’t get tangled in the wire while you’re making dinner, walking, exercising, etc…

17) Subscriptions

You could get your boyfriend a paid subscription to Crave, Hulu, Apple Music, Spotify, Netflix, Disney+ or any other service you’d think he’d like. And as I mentioned above, subscriptions to music streaming services are great additions to Amazon’s Echo Dot or the Google Home Mini speakers.

18) Buy him a Premium App

I was gifted the Premium version of the “Geocaching” app and it was a great gift…gets you out and about.

What apps does he use that he’d appreciate a premium version of??

19) Phone Case (Otterbox)

If he doesn’t already have a great phone case, check out the Otterbox. This company has great customer service.

  • just make sure you get him the right case for his phone

20) Carhartt Baseball Cap

Great baseball hat for your boyfriend. Whether he is actually a tradesman or not, he’ll love this Carhartt hat.

21) Timberland Hiking Boots

These are great looking and popular boots that he can hike in or just walk around with you. (Since I got the Geocache app I’ve done a lot more hiking and exploring.)

22) Work Gloves

Is your boyfriend a DIY’er?

It feels great to get a pair of work gloves that fit well.

  • make a good stocking stuffer for your boyfriend

23) The Bucket List book

Inspire some adventure in your lives! Get “The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small.”

24) Grip6 Web Belt

I’ve seen the YouTube ad for this so many times I now want one.

25) Get him an Experience

Experiences instead of gifts for your boyfriend

Experiences instead of gifts are a great present for your boyfriend.

  • Does he like wine? Book a local wine tasting
  • Try axe throwing
  • If you want some more ideas check out our article on Experiences instead of gifts.

I hope you’ve found some inspiring gifts for your boyfriend.

And remember to write him a little note saying why you think the present is great for him.

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