17 great Gifts for Guitar Players (for 2023)

If you’re wondering ‘What is a good gift for a guitar player?’ then you’re in the right place because we’re giving you a concise list of 17 useful gifts for guitar players.

17 Useful gifts for guitar players that they'll love and appreciate
Gifts for Guitar Players

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17 useful Gifts for Guitar Players

If you have a guitar player on your shopping list here are 17 gifts for guitar players that are useful…because it is a yucky feeling when you buy a gift and it’s never used.

1) Fender Polishing Cloth

Fender Premium Plush Microfiber Polishing Cloth

This microfiber cloth from the guitar company Fender will allow them to polish up their guitar and have it looking new again.

  • makes a useful stocking stuffer or small gift for the guitar lover in your life.

2) Nomad Guitar Cleaning Tool Set

MusicNomad The Nomad Tool Set - The Original Nomad Tool & The Nomad Slim (MN204)

These handy guitar cleaning tools allow your guitar player to clean the strings (even under them), around the tuning keys and other hard to reach places

  • lets them keep their guitar looking great

3) Wall-mounted Guitar Hangers

Guitar Wall Mount Hangers 3 Pack, Guitar Style Wall Holders Hooks Stands for Acoustic Electric Bass Classical Ukulele Guitars

These are a great way to get their guitars off the floor or out of the guitar case.

  • I know first-hand that having easy access to your guitars will make you play more
  • This comes as a 3-pack of guitar hangers.

4) Wooden Wall Guitar Hanger with Shelf and Hooks

Bikoney Guitar Wall Mount Guitar Hanger Shelf Wood Guitar Hook with Pick Holder and 3 Hooks for Acoustic Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Guitar Holder Carbonized Black [U.S. Patent]

I really like the look of this guitar hanger. The wood gives it a great look, and the shelf and hooks provide a good place to keep picks, straps and tuners.

5) Floor Stand for Guitar

Amazon Basics Adjustable Guitar Folding A-Frame Stand for Acoustic and Electric Guitars with Non-Slip Rubber and Soft Foam Arms, Fully Assembled

If your guitar player does have floor space, this guitar stand from AmazonBasics will help keep their guitar within easy reach.

6) Clip-on Guitar Tuner

Snark SN1 Guitar Tuner

I usually use an app on my phone to tune my guitar, but a clip-on tuner like this would be good if your guitar performs on stage and needs to tune quickly.

  • This tuner clips on to the headstock of the guitar
  • uses vibrations to help you tune your guitar

7) Ditch the Cables with these Wireless Transmitters

A simple picture doesn’t do these justice. These little plug in transmitters allow you to ditch the amp cables and go wireless. So you can walk around, run, jump, or whatever else you want while still playing your electric guitar.

allows the freedom of movement and walking around while playing

8) Guitar Pick 30-pack

This 30-pack of guitar picks features different sizes and thicknesses. (Some thicknesses are better for picking versus strumming for instance.)

  • could be a very useful stocking stuffer for the guitar player on your list
  • you can see more details on this big pack on Amazon

9) Guitar Capo

Guitar Capo,TANMUS 3in1 Zinc Metal Capo for Acoustic and Electric Guitars (with Pick Holder and 4Picks),Ukulele,Mandolin,Banjo,Guitar Accessories

I’ve never owned a capo. But that also means I haven’t been able to play a lot of songs as they are meant to be played (and were recorded).

  • inexpensive guitar accessory that can make a great stocking stuffer or small gift

10) Ernie Ball Electric Guitar Strings (3-pack)

Get your guitar lover a 3-pack of electric guitar strings by the renowned “Ernie Ball” company.

11) Headphone Amplifier

This little gadget plugs into an electric guitar and then the player inserts some headphones into the gadget, and it’ll sound like a real amplifier – but only through the headphones (3.5mm jack).

  • allows your guitar player to play quietly to others, but have big sound for themselves

Below is YouTube video where the guitar player Rob Galley gives a review of the Vox AC30 headphone amp.

12) Led Zeppelin Mothership Guitar Tab Book

Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin is an amazing guitar player. He recorded such a huge variety of classic songs. If the guitar player in your life likes Led Zeppelin, they’d appreciate a big guitar tab book like this.

  • of course choice of music is very personal…and there are tons of other guitar tab books out there if your guitar player likes something else

13) Marshall Amp Key Holder and Rings

How cool is this! The guitar level on your shopping list will love this little key holder.

14) Funny Guitar T-shirt

Does the guitar player in your life get that far off look? If so, they’ll love this shirt.

Available in Men’s, Women’s and Youth sizes on Amazon.

15) Blues Guitar Mini Effects Pedal

Does the guitar player in your life like to play the blues? Then this little effects pedal from Donner can help give them the tone they’re looking for.

  • small size and makes a good stocking stuffer for blues players
  • if your guitar player prefers a different tone or style of playing, there are a lot of other guitar pedals out there that make great useful gifts

16) Personalized Leather Guitar Strap (Etsy)

handcrafted leather guitar strap on Etsy
Photo Credit: OCHREhandcrafted on Etsy

Do you want a more personal touch to your gift? Check out this leather guitar strap that you can have personalized to include your guitar player’s initials.

It is available on Etsy.

–>Click here to see details <– (opens in a new window).

Want to get him a Bison leather guitar strap? Check this out on LakotaLeathers.com

17) Have some serious fun with the E-Bow

Bundle-3 Items:Plus EBow E-Bow Hand Held Electronic Effect Bow for Guitar and 2 Alkaline 9v Batteries

This clever little device will vibrate the guitar strings giving you amazing range of sounds and unique sonic opportunities.

Below is a YouTube video showing the E-Bow in action.

And I can’t mention the Ebow without showing the REM song “Ebow the Letter” dedicated to the little device (and apparently an unsent letter to River Phoenix by REM singer Michael Stipe…c/o Wikipedia).

I hope you’ve found some inspiring and useful gifts for guitar players.

Once you know someone plays guitar it opens up lots of possibilities to get them gifts they’ll love and appreciate.

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