17 Clever Gifts for a Dad who Likes Yard Work

Yes some people like yard work, and if you’re here I’m presuming you need a gift for a dad who likes yard work. That’s great because these 17 gift ideas will make his day (and maybe his whole yard work season!). There are some funny novelty items, good work pants, some protective equipment and more. Scroll down to see all the ideas.

17 Clever Gifts for a Dad who likes yard work
Gifts for a Dad who Likes Yard Work

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17 Gifts for a Dad who likes Yard Work

These clever gifts for your dad are sure to make him smile.

1) Lawnmower Sketch T-shirt

I like the look of this shirt. And it could make a very fitting shirt for the dad that likes to do yard work and mow.

2) Coffee Mug – “I am the Lawn Whisperer”

Is this a fitting saying for your dad that loves yard work? Is he a lawn whisperer?

Then this coffee mug will be a great way to start his day. Currently available on Amazon.

3) Two-Wheeled Wheel Barrow

A two-wheeled wheel barrow like this will allow your dad to move stuff around the yard, and not have to try and balance it on one-wheel.

4) Work Gloves

Help protect your dad’s hands with a good pair of work gloves.

5) Cordless Lawn Mower (EGO 56 volt)

If your dad is still huffing in the exhaust of a gas-powered lawn mower do him a favor and check this out.

As lithium-ion battery technology has improved, so have the cordless lawn mowers.

  • this is self-propelled
  • mows and mulches

6) Telescoping Extension Ladder (12.5ft)

These ladders are great because they condense in a small package, aren’t as cumbersome as other extension ladders, and make it possible to get up high to cut tree limbs, hang Christmas lights or clean the gutters.

  • this one is 12.5-feet tall (you can get them taller if needed)

7) Knee Pads

We don’t always want to, but yard work often requires getting on our hands and knees to do some dirty work. These knee pads will help protect your dad.

8) Weather Station

Sometimes you have to do yard work regardless of the weather, but a handy weather meter like this at least lets your dad know how to dress for the weather. We have a weather station similar to this one and we look at it daily.

  • remote signal goes outside and sends data to the screen (which is indoors)
  • the indoor screen can be plugged in or ran off battery
  • the remote signal runs off batteries (not included)

9) Rain Water Downspout Diverter

A downspout diverter like this one allows your dad to harvest rain water and use that to water his plants or garden. This diverter fits a 2″x3″ gutter downspout and then you collect the water in a separate barrel..

  • good gift for the conservation-minded dad

10) Garden Bucket Tool Organizer

These clever tool belts don’t strap around your waist…they strap around a bucket. It makes it easy and convenient for him to carry around his small garden tools.

  • fits most 5-gallon buckets

11) Fiskars Stand Up Weeder

My Fiskars Stand-up Weeder

With a stand-up weeder like this your dad can weed his yard without having to bend over.

  • we have one and it makes weeding way easier on the back
  • but to make it easier you may want to wait until after it rains or you irrigate to loosen the soil

12) “Dirt to Soil” book by Gabe Brown

A book about regenerative agricultural and how a North Dakota farmer converted his farm from a failing conventional agricultural farm to a regenerative farm (and how his crops and profits bloomed).

  • your dad who likes yard work may discover that he may NOT need to be doing some of the things he is doing

Does your dad like audio books?

Gift him an Audible audiobooks membership. Click here for information.

13) Hearing Protecting Bluetooth Headphones

If your dad is working with lawn equipment then there is noise involved.

Help protect your dad’s hearing with these noise-reducing headphones.

  • they reduce noise, AND connect via Bluetooth to smartphones
  • your dad can listen to podcasts, audiobooks, or music while doing yard work

14) Dickies Work Pants (Carpenter jeans)

Get your hard-working dad some pants designed for hard workers. These Dickies carpenter jeans are available in several different colors.

15) Long-handled Grabber

These are super handy around the yard and home. You can pluck pine cones and sticks off the yard without bending over.

16) Leaf Scoops

These big leaf scoops will make it easier for your dad to clean up the yard waste.

17) Rubbermaid Garden Tool Organizer

A stand-up organizer like this will allow your dad to better organize his yard tools like rakes, hoes and shovels.

I hope you’ve found some inspiring ideas for your dad that likes yard work.

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