11 Fun Play Food Sets for Kids [Christmas Gift Ideas for Little Kids]

Does your little one love to play pretend kitchen? In this article we present a concise list of 11 fun play food sets that make great Christmas gifts. Most of these play food sets are best appreciated by children ages 3-5. And will delight both girls and boys on Christmas morning.

11 Fun Play Food Sets for kids (Christmas gift ideas for kids)
11 Fun Play Food Sets for Kids (Christmas Gift Ideas)

Both boys and girls enjoy playing with pretend food. A cool new trend in the last few years is play food you can “slice and chop.” This fun activity helps keep them entertained and may improve their motor skills.


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1) Cute Set of Play Vegetables to Slice and Cook

Here is a great set of play food to help little toddlers practice cutting food. It comes with a lots of play vegetables to slice, a cutting board, a fake knife, a shopping basket and a little stovetop with a pot for pretend cooking.

A great value toy set that should keep your little one busy with play cooking and grocery shopping.

2) Huge Play Food Set

Huge set of “realistic” play food. Great addition or starter set for your little one’s kitchen. This 202-piece set should keep them busy for awhile.

3) Farmer’s Market Play Food Cutting Set

Here is another play food set that emphasizes chopping vegetables. May help with motor skills too. It has 37 pieces total: comes with 2 cutting boards, 2 fake knives, a picnic basket and a variety of play fruits and vegetables.

Will the child on your list enjoy this play food set?

4) Fast Food Play Set

Here is a 59-piece play food set with a fast food (or burger joint) theme including hamburgers, hotdogs and cute little utensils.

5) Cuttable Plastic Pizza Set

Here is a good cuttable pizza set that features a 6-slice play pizza that sticks together using Velcro-style fasteners. The set includes the cuttable pizza, some cutlery, a watermelon and an ice cream.

This set looks like fun and lots of kids enjoy pretending to cut food.

6) Backyard Barbeque Play Food Set by Little Tikes

Here is a fun set for getting your little one outside to play. It’s a Barbeque set complete with condiments, hot dogs, burgers, corn, cutlery, napkins and more.

7) “Realistic-looking” Vegetables Set

Here is a lightweight set of fruit and vegetables that can be used by children ages 3 and up as a play food set. Even though these are described as “realistic looking” decorative set, some people may say they don’t look as real as they hoped. Will that matter to the child on your gift list?

8) Birthday Cake Set (24 pieces)

Here is a 24 piece birthday cake set. Comes with the birthday cake (6 slices), six candles, a happy birthday sign, plates, and cutlery. A fun birthday cake set for children 3 and up.

9) Toy Wooden Decorative Layer Cake by Melissa and Doug

My daughter has this set and loves it. It sticks together with Velcro and the children can “slice” up the cake and serve it to their friends (real or imaginary). And putting it back together is like a puzzle so it keeps them busy.

10) Wooden Ice Cream Set from Melissa and Doug

Doesn’t this set look fun!

This wooden ice cream set is made by the renowned toy company Melissa and Doug, and is available on Amazon.

11) Make a Pizza Wooden Play Set (Melissa and Doug)

Here is another great, high-quality play food set from Melissa and Doug. They have this set at our local preschool and my daughter loves it. It is made from wood and intended for children ages 3-5.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of 11 play food sets that’ll make great Christmas gifts for the little on your Christmas list this year.

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