15 fun Baby Doll Accessories that make Great Christmas Presents for Kids

Do you have a doll lover on your Christmas list? In this article we have a list of 15 fun baby doll accessories that will be hits on Christmas morning.

15 fun Baby Doll Accessories for Kids that'll make great christmas gifts
Baby Accessories that’ll make great Christmas gifts for kids

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List of fun Baby Doll Accessories

Below you’ll find a variety of baby doll accessories that your little one can play with for hours and hours.

I truly hope you find some accessories that your child loves and appreciates.

Cute Doll Clothes Outfits Set

This set comes with 6 outfits for 15-inch dolls and 18 inch American Girl dolls.

Doll Feeding Set

This doll feeding set comes with bottles, plates, cutlery, bibs and a zippered carrying case. This will keep the kids busy for awhile. 🙂

Doll Accessories Bundle (by Melissa and Doug)

Here is a quality doll accessories bundle from the company “Melissa and Doug.” It has a doll feeding kit and a diaper changing set.

Doll High Chair

This doll high chair has a cute seat cushion, and the tray lifts up.

  • The child on your gift list can enjoy feeding their baby dolls.

Doll Bathtub

Here is a cute pink bathtub and accessories set. The tub can fit up to an 16-inch doll.

Unicorn and Polka-dot print Doll Stroller

This is a cute unicorn and polka dot-print doll stroller. It comes with a matching diaper bag. The doll stroller will fit a doll up to 18-inches tall.

Baby Doll Car Seat

Check out this turquoise and gray doll car seat. It has a machine-washable cover and will fit dolls up to 20-inches tall.

Wooden Armoire Closet for Doll Clothes (fits American Girl-sized clothes)

This little wooden closet holds doll clothes and it comes with 5 wooden hangers. It is sized to fit 18-inch doll clothes such as those made by American Girl, Our Generation and other 18-inch dolls.

Rocking Baby Doll Cradle

This pink and white starred doll cradle is made by the Emily Rose company . It comes with the mattress and the bedding and it’ll fit 12-inch to 18-inch tall dolls (such as American Girl dolls).

Cute Doll Camping Set

Doesn’t this look fun! 🙂 This doll camping set comes with a pink camouflage doll tent, a sleeping bag, binoculars, a lantern and more. It is designed to fit 18-inch dolls (such as American Girl dolls).

Beach Cruiser Doll Car

This cool-looking doll cruiser can fit two 18inch dolls – such as American Girl dolls. Your little one can push their favorite dolls around the yard, the house or even the beach in the beach cruiser. (The dolls are not included.)

Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

Oh my, check out this huge dollhouse with tons of rooms. It also comes fully furnished (comes with 34 pieces).

How many hours of fun will your little one have with this dollhouse?

Play Food Doll Treats for 18-inch dolls

This is a doll desert play set with cupcakes, donuts, napkins, plates, cutlery and more.

  • It is designed for 18-inch dolls, like American Girl dolls.
  • Now your little one can have a dessert party for their dolls.

Doll Picnic Set with Play Food

This adorable doll picnic set comes with pink lemonade glasses, sandwiches, a picnic blanket and a thermal picnic basket.

  • Here is a great way to get your little one outside to enjoy the sunshine while having a picnic with their favorite dolls.

Doll Travel Luggage Set

Looks fun! This doll play travel set comes with a suitcase, sunglasses, an eye mask, a travel pillow, and three travel doll outfits.

I hope this list of baby doll accessories will help you select fun and appreciated gifts for the child on your Christmas shopping list.

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