7 cute Baby Alive Dolls and Accessories (for hours of fun)

Baby Alive dolls that have been amusing children since 1973, and there are lots of great modern Baby Alive dolls and products. In this article we’ll look at 7 cute Baby Alive toys and accessories for the young ones on your Christmas list this year.

7 Cute Baby Alive Toys for Kids (Great Christmas gift ideas)
7 Cute Baby Alive Toys for Kids (Christmas Gift Ideas)

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List of cute Baby Alive dolls and accessories

Below is a concise list of dolls and accessories for the Baby Alive brand of toys. These products can promote hours of creative play and role-playing for your little one.

I really hope it helps you find a gift that will be treasured and played with for years to come.

1) Baby Alive Magical Mixer Doll with Blender Set

Cute Baby Alive feeding set that comes with a toy blender, “food” packets, a bottle, diapers  and a hair comb. This little dolls “pees and poos.”

2) Baby Alive Clothes Outfit Set

Assorted set of Baby Alive clothes, made for mixing and matching.

3) Baby Alive High Chair Play set

Here is a doll high chair with a front attaching tray that comes with a cup holder.

  • Now your child can put their baby alive doll in this doll high chair while feeding it.

4) Baby Alive Food and Diaper Refill Set

This “refill” set comes with 10 powdered foods to feed the Baby Alive dolls, 5 diapers, and a spoon.

  • This would make a great stocking stuffer.

5) Littles – a Tricycle-riding Baby Alive Doll

You push this little doll along and she pedals while you push.

It comes with:

  • a push-able doll tricycle,
  • a baby alive doll called Little Jade
  • and her pet dog Koda.

6) Baby Alive Tinycorns Dolls

A fun little Baby Alive doll in a unicorn costume that drinks and pees.

Unicorns are very popular right now.

7) Snackin’ Lily Baby Alive Doll

Snackin’ Lily is a popular Amazon Exclusive doll that is sure to delight lots of children this Christmas. This is a “pooping” baby that its “mommy” or “daddy” can feed.

I hope you’ve found some inspiring gift ideas for the little ones on your Christmas list. These Baby Alive dolls and accessories are sure to bring some smiles on Christmas morning.

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