7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Pontiac G6 owners

Buying good, useful Christmas gifts can be a challenge sometimes. In this article we’ll look at 7 things you could buy someone who drives a Pontiac G6.  (Besides a new car of course.  😊   )

7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Pontiac G6 owners
7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Pontiac G6 Owners

I have owned a Pontiac G6 for 12 years so these are items that I have bought for my car, or items that I wish I had for my car…and may still buy myself one of these days.

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1) FM transmitter for the stereo

My 2006 Pontiac G6 doesn’t have an auxiliary input on the stereo nor built-in Bluetooth connectivity. But there is a simple way to get around this. Buy an FM transmitter so you can listen to music from your phone onto your car stereo system.

Your phone connects via Bluetooth to the device, then the device sends out a FM radio signal that your car stereo picks up and plays over your car stereo. It makes it possible to listen your podcasts, downloaded playlists and audio books in the old Pontiac.

2) Backup camera

The visibility is poor on a Pontiac G6. Backing it up is like looking through a tiny porthole. If you know someone who has a Pontiac G6, do them a favor and get them a wireless backup camera.

3) Roof racks

Photo credit: eTrailer.com – Rhino Roof Racks on a Pontiac G6

Adding roof racks to a Pontiac G6 instantly makes it look more adventurous and sporty. Plus, it makes the car way more functional: you can haul skis, snowboards, kayaks, lumber, etc…

Click here to check out these Rhino Racks on eTrailer.com They have lots of other pictures and videos. Helpful stuff.

4) Seat covers

Seat covers are a good idea to help keep your car’s seats in great condition.

  • It is a quick way to update the look of the car interior.

5) Windshield sun visor

If you have a Pontiac G6 owner on your Christmas list this year you could buy them a thoughtful gift: a windshield sun visor. I’ve finally started using one of these at it does make a positive difference.

6) Headlight Restoration Kit

Older Pontiac G6’s start to get “hazy” headlights. A headlight restoration kit (like this one from 3M) can help restore the looks of the car, and improve headlight performance.

7) New Stylish Headlights

If you want to add some new stylish updates to a Pontiac G6 you could buy all new headlight assemblies.  These ones are black housing and sold by AKKON store on Amazon.

I hope you’ve found some inspiring gift ideas for people that have Pontiac G6’s.

Does 2006 Pontiac g6 have aux input?

No the stock 2006 Pontiac G6 does not have an auxiliary input so that is why I recommend buying an FM transmitter for someone that owns a G6.

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