41 awesome Gifts for Crafty Moms (2023)

Does your mom love crafts? Do you need a gift for her? Perhaps Mother’s Day or her birthday? If so you’ll love this list of 41 awesome gifts for crafty moms that they’ll love, appreciate and use!

It includes fabric crafts, wood crafts, artsy crafts and more!

These gifts for crafty moms will help you select a birthday gift, Mother's Day gift or Christmas gift that a crafty mom is sure to love.
Gifts for Crafty Moms

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41 great Gifts for Crafty Moms

It can be challenging buying a gift for the mom who seems to have everything? Where do you start?

Well, if she loves doing crafts then getting her a craft-related gift is a great place to start.

In this big list of gifts for crafty moms you’re sure to find something that she’ll love, use and appreciate.

Scroll through them all to find the perfect gift for your mom.

1) Paint Pens

ARTISTRO Paint Pens for Rock Painting, Stone, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Canvas. Set of 12 Acrylic Paint Markers Extra-fine Tip

Crafty moms will love these acrylic paint markers that they can paint on lots of different surfaces including rocks, wood, canvas and glass.

  • what kind of amazing crafts could they make with this paint set?

Click here to see current price.

2) Crafters Apron with lots of pockets

Artist Canvas Apron with Pockets Painting Apron Adjustable Neck Strap/Waist Ties Painter Aprons for Women Men Art Gardening Apron Adjustable M-XXL

How cool is this? Aprons aren’t just for cooks!

With a craft apron like this your crafty mom can have all her crafting and art tools close at hand.

It would work for gardening to if your mom has a green thumb.

3) Super Funny Coffee Mug for Crafters

Im So Crafty I Sweat Glitter Mug Crafty Gift Gift For Crafters Funny Coffee Mugs Mugs With Sayings Gift For Herunique Coffee Mug Ceramic Mug 11oz (11oz, Black)

Is your craft mom a coffee drinker? If so she’ll love this witty mug…if they’re into glitter.

They can sip tea or coffee from this mug while they’re getting glitter all over the place.

Is this right for your mom?

Click here to see the current price.

4) Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine

Cricut Explore Air 2 - A DIY Cutting Machine for all Crafts, Create Customized Cards, Home Decor & More, Bluetooth Connectivity, Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows & Mac, Mint

A Cricut opens up TONS of DIY opportunities! Does your mom already have a Cricut?

To be honest, I haven’t used one of these machines yet. I kept hearing about them but I didn’t know what the fuss was about.

But I learned that…

  • it cuts lots of different materials (including vinyl and cardstock)
  • you can use to make your own iron-on shirt decals, labels
  • great for scrapbookers
  • there are a few different Cricut models

Here is a short YouTube video showing the above Cricut machine in action.

Would your mom put this to great use?

5) Cricut Tools Basic Set

Here is a basic tool set if your mom already has a Cricut machine.

Or this is a great accessory and add-on if you buy her the Cricut (shown above).

6) Make T-Shirts with this Heat Press

Mom could make her own awesome graphic tees! (What would she put on it?)

This is a VERY popular heat press that you can use to apply iron-on t-shirt transfers.

(She could use the Cricut Explore Air 2 to make the t-shirt transfers and then this heat press to apply them to shirts.)

Check out the video below to see this heat press in action!

7) Self Healing Cutting Mat

This self-healing cutting mat is 18″ X 24″ .

A lot of people seem to like this one. It is super highly-rated with thousands of customer-submitted ratings.

If your mom does a lot of cutting on her work surface, check this out to help protect her desk or craft table.

8) Mini Iron by Clover

Clover MCI-900 Mini Iron , White

A handy mini iron like this one can help a crafter get into those hard to reach places…places a big iron would never get into.

9) Mixed Color Cardstock – great for making cards and scrapbooking

Here is a 200-pack of colorful cardstock for your crafty mom to do some amazing things!

10) Rubber Stamps (for Christmas Cards or Scrapbooking)

DECORA 6 Pieces Snowflake Floral Wooden Rubber Stamps for Card Making Scrapbooking and Crafts

These snowflake-patterned rubber stamps will make a great gift for a scrapbooker.

  • could use with the cardstock (like shown above) to make DIY Christmas cards

Check Current Price

11) Mini Hot Glue Gun

A hot glue gun is an essential tool in the crafters toolbox.

  • Does your mom already have a great little glue gun?

12) Rhinestone Applicator

GLTECK Hotfix Applicator, Bedazzler Kit with 5784 PCS Rhinestones for Crafts, DIY Hot Fix Rhinestone Applicator Wand Setter Tool with 7 Tips, 6 Pattern Templates, Gloves, Tweezers & Cleaning Brush

Does your mom like to put rhinestones on things? (Even things that don’t really make sense to have rhinestones on them.)

If so, with a rhinestone applicator like this she can make everything sparkle!

13) Water Color Pencil Set (72 color)

Have you seen water color pencils yet? They are cool.

  • You draw with the pencils first
  • then spread a wet paintbrush over the color
  • it turns your drawing into a painting!

14) Washi Tape Set (decorative tape)

Cute Washi Tape Set with 3 sizes | 15mm 8mm and 3mm Wide Skinny and Thin | Decorative Holiday Craft Tape | Colorful Tape | Floral Japanese Pastel Seasonal Art | Bujo Supplies | Scrapbook Tape 21 Rolls

My daughter used to put decorative tape on everything!

It is great for decorative projects and scrapbooks.

She loved it, and so will a crafty mom. She’ll find a way to put it to good use.

This is a set of 21 various sized Washi tapes.

15) Embroidery Set for Beginners – Cactus and Palm Patterns

Embroidery Starter Kit with Pattern and Instructions, 3 Sets Cross Stitch Kit Include Embroidery Clothes with Plants Flowers Pattern, 1 Embroidery Hoops, Color Threads and Tools (Palm Leaves)

Has your mom mentioned wanting to start a needle art like embroidery, but she has never took the plunge?

Well, here is a complete kit so she can get started today.

16) DIY Soap Making Kit

Soap Making Kit for Adults, Make Your Own Soap with Melt and Pour diy Natural Soap supplies; 6 Essential Oils, Silicone Soap Mold, Spoon, Dried Flowers, 2lbs. Shea Butter Soap Base, 4 Colors, 9 Labels

This is cool. Your mom can make her own soap and KNOW WHAT INGREDIENTS are in the soap and have it smell exactly how she wants. It comes with 6 different essential oils.

  • making her own soap allows her to be creative, and make some useful

17) Hedgehog Pin Cushion

Honbay Cute Hedgehog Shape Pin Cushion Fabric Pin Holder for Sewing or DIY Crafts

This hedgehog pin cushion will make a great stocking stuffer or small Mother’s Day gift for a mom that likes to sew.

18) Jewelry Making Tool Kit

PAXCOO Jewelry Making Supplies Kit with Jewelry Tools, Jewelry Wires and Jewelry Findings for Jewelry Repair and Beading

This jewelry making tool kit can help get her started making her own jewelry.

Who knows, maybe for your next birthday she’ll give you some jewelry that she made.

19) Flower Press Kit

You can make beautiful jewelry and pictures with dried flowers and leaves.

This popular kit makes drying flowers and leaves easy.

20) Art Project a Day Book

365 Days of Art: A Creative Exercise for Every Day of the Year

This book will stimulate a crafty person to do a different art exercise every day.

Click here to see current reviews.

21) Clever Felt Succulents Kit

This is a neat kit where you make felt succulents…make your own fake plants.

22) Mini Christmas Ornaments Kit

Here is another cool little gift. Yes, it is related to Christmas, but it would make a great birthday present or Mother’s Day gift so she can get a jumpstart on Christmas crafts.

  • 50 piece mini Christmas ornament set

23) Kids Ornament Painting Kit

Do you have a young crafter on your Christmas list?

  • make a great EARLY Christmas gift for kids
  • great keepsake to hang on the tree year after year

Will your mom love this to do this with her grandkids?

24) Bob Ross Painting Kit

Martin/F. Weber Bob Ross Master Paint Set

Crafty doesn’t necessarily mean artistic, but this Bob Ross painting set can let your crafty mom try her hand at painting with oil paints.

If your mom has hinted at how she’d like to take up painting “some day”, let that day be today.

25) DIY Miniature Greenhouse and Furniture Kit

How cute is this!

  • Your craft mom can make this little greenhouse kit complete with mini furniture
  • making miniature things is very popular on YouTube

26) DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit

Here is another cute DIY dollhouse kit for adults.

  • has LED lights to provide more realism

27) Dollhouse Building Tool Kit

Here is a tool kit for a crafty person to make dollhouses and other miniature pieces.

Perhaps, your mom could make her grandchildren their very own miniature doll houses.

28) Colorful Sharpie Pen Set (“Electro Pop” set)

Colorful 24-count of the classic permanent markers – Sharpie!

  • great small gift that your mom will be sure to use

29) Big Set of Decorative Hole Punches for Paper

This is great for scrapbookers or other paper crafters…it is 60 decorative hole punches.

30) Fabric Paint Set – 10 pack of Rainbow colors

Tulip Soft Fabric Paint Kits - 10pk Rainbow-Tulip 5 Color Fabric Paint (10 Pack)

Here is a beautiful set of fabric paints by TULIP so a crafty mom can add colorful flair to her fabric crafts.

31) Wood Burning Pen Kit

Does your mom dabble in woodworking?

If so, a wood burning pen allows crafters to add amazing artistic details to wood projects.

32) Diamond Art Painting Kit

Diamond painting could become the next adult coloring craze.

  • you glue tiny rhinestone “diamonds” onto a canvas to create your masterpiece
  • this popular kit features “Stitch” from the “Lilo and Stitch” Disney movie

I personally find it quite “finicky” and I fumble with the little diamonds, but I know a lot of people love it.

33) Diamond Painting Tool and Organizer Kit

HOHOTIME 60 Slots Diamond Painting Storage Containers,142pcs 5D Diamond Painting Accessories Kit for Diamond Art Craft Jewelry Beads Organizer,Diamond Art Storage for DIY Art Craft

Does your mom already do diamond painting art?

If so, here is a diamond painting tool set and organizer so she can stay nicely organized.

34) Hand Casting Plaster Kit

Luna Bean Hand Casting Kit Couples - Plaster Hand Mold Casting Kit, Anniversary DIY Gift for Couple Gifts for Him & Her Boyfriend Girlfriend, Mom Gifts, Unique Wedding Gift Husband Wife Date Night

What a lovely keepsake this would be for couples or parents!

This hand-casting set is really well-rated and has thousands of customer-submitted ratings!

What a great way to create a family heirloom.

Click here to see more details of this kit.

35) Disney Dreams Thomas Kincade Adult Coloring Book

Disney Dreams Collection Thomas Kinkade Studios Coloring Book

This beautiful coloring book will allow your mom to unwind and relax while coloring these amazing pictures.

There are 63 paintings to color in in this popular and well-rated coloring book.

Does she need something to color it in with? See below.

36) Pencil Crayons for Adults

Crayola Colored Pencils For Adults (50 Count), Deluxe Art Pencil Set, Easter Gifts [Amazon Exclusive]

Here are some popular pencil crayons so she can add some color to her drawings or color some coloring pages for adults to help unwind and relax after a long day. (If she doesn’t already have a coloring book, check out the Disney Coloring book for adults above.)

Click here to see current price of these pencil crayons.

37) Wood Whittling Kit

Here is a beginner Wood carving kit so your mom can learn to whittle.

This may not be top of mind when it comes to “mom crafts” but it can be a really satisfying hobby.

38) Polymer Clay Kit (Oven Baked Clay)

This could be really fun. It is a colorful polymer clay kit to make cute little figurines, jewelry, and more!

  • could be fun for parents or grandparents to craft with the little ones in their life

39) Origami Paper Set

It is incredible what people can make from just pieces of paper!

Let your mom try her hand at origami with these 100 pieces of square, colorful origami paper.

40) Craft Bag by Everything Mary

Everything Mary Craft Bag Organizer Tote, Purple - Storage Art Caddy for Sewing & Scrapbooking - Crafts Supply Carrier w/Handle for Supplies & Tools Organization for School, Medical, Office

A crafter needs something to store and organize their supplies…maybe this could be their birthday or Mother’s Day gift?

It has 17 different pockets for storing craft and art supplies and the sturdy handles means she can carry it with her to her friend’s house or classes.

41) Good Scissors

All crafters need good scissors! And these are great gifts for crafty moms.

  • Is a 3-pack of household scissors

I sincerely hope one of these 41 gifts for crafty moms has helped you find a great gift that she will love, appreciate and use.

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